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    Civetta provides training in the areas of:

    • Project Controls
    • Contract Management
    • Planning
    • Document Control
    • Risk Management
    • Cost Engineering
    • Cost Control
    • System Engineering
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Professionals can sign up for a department for free. Knowledge will be shared on the platform of the department, relevant news items will be posted and you will be notified of meetings. You can ask questions and get into contact with each other. This way you will stay up to date on developments in your field of expertise.

The market requires people with recognized knowledge and competences. You can register yourself as a professional in the professional register and measure your knowledge and experience against the established criteria.

For companies that join a department can use the professional register as an HR tool. This provides great savings for HR departments.

For professional associations that join a department the professional register can be used for the management of the affiliated professionals. This results in big savings for the professional associations.