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  • Education

    Civetta provides training in the areas of:

    • Project Controls
    • Contract Management
    • Planning
    • Document Control
    • Risk Management
    • Cost Engineering
    • Cost Control
    • System Engineering
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Vision and Mission

Civetta aims the supporting the departments, corporate members and individual members in the exercise of their expertise in the field of Project Controls.


Civetta provides a platform for knowledge exchange for corporate members and individual professionals per department within the collective.

Civetta facilitates training and liaises with governments, businesses and institutions concerning the standardization.

Furthermore, the goal of the Civetta departments is to have contact with governments, institutions and companies in the area of monitoring the quality of professionals. Therefore they maintain a register in which professionals demonstrate that they meet the requirements.


Civetta strives for recognition of the departments. Civetta want to reach her goal by propagating a quality image for its departments, keeping a professional register in order corporate members and individual members the opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism.